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Fixture Replacement

because some are old or dated

In Olivette, MO we find that many of the bathroom and kitchen fixtures throughout the home are old, dated, and in need of replacement. Many homeowners in this area are typically looking to update their bathrooms and kitchens with newer fixtures and appliances.

because they are builder grade

When it comes to fixtures, we’ve seen and worked with the whole spectrum from “builder-grade”, to “custom”, and to “designer”. It’s been our experience that most builder-grade quality fixtures are used when multiple dwellings are constructed such as subdivisions and newer neighborhoods in Olivette, MO; this is because home builders understand there is a tradeoff that must take place as homeowners seek to buy bigger homes at a certain price point.

Unfortunately it is the quality of the plumbing fixtures and appliances that suffer. Usually after a few years “builder-grade” fixtures and appliances will need to either be repaired or completely replaced. Our plumbers at Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company have the necessary experience when it comes to replacing “builder-grade” garbage disposals, kitchen faucets, tub and shower valves, as well as lavatory faucets throughout Olivette, MO.


Stack Repairs

Many of the homes located in Olivette, MO have cast iron waste stacks. The life expectancy of a cast iron waste stack system is typically 40-50 years. Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company routinely finds that homes in Olivette, MO are reaching the end of their useful life right now as homeowners are finding their waste stacks are cracking and leaking. A cast iron inside sewer lateral connects to the base of your vertical waste stack thereby allowing waste water to safely exit your home. The cast iron inside sewer lateral is typically underground and covered with concrete. As with your home’s cast iron waste stack, the useful life of a cast iron inside sewer lateral is 40 – 50 years; when this point is reached homeowners may begin to notice an increased need for drain cleaning due to increased buildup of debris due to cracks and leaks. Many realtors are aware of these issues and typically advise their clients to camera the cast iron inside sewer lateral to determine if it is still in good working condition.

In addition to replacing a cast iron waste stack with PVC, Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company also replaces lead waste arms in homes throughout Olivette, MO. In older homes with cast iron waste stacks we typically find that lead waste arms are used to connect waste overflow drains running from your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, shower and tub to the main waste stack. Typically the location most susceptible to leaks are where the lead waste arm connects to the cast iron stack and replacement of the lead waste arm is necessary.

General Plumbing

In general, residential plumbing systems found in homes throughout Olivette, MO tend to be substandard as a result of the original home builders using lower quality plumbing supplies and fixtures.

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