Leak Defense Systems

living room leak before and after

Home plumbing leaks can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Leak defense systems offer the best protection against costly water damage repairs. They also protect your family from health hazards such as mold. At Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company, we believe the benefits greatly outweigh the costs when it comes to having one of these leak defense systems installed. Keep reading to learn more about damage prevention, savings, and installation.

How Leak Defense Systems Work

Whole-house leak defense systems are mounted directly into the main water supply. They are designed to monitor all water flow throughout your home. Pre-set parameters are used to monitor water usage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Built-in alarm systems alert you at the first sign of any leak or irregularity. If the alarm is not addressed right away, the system will automatically shut off your home’s main water supply in order to minimize any damage. You can also arrange for an emergency number to be contacted automatically. While you are at work or on vacation, you can rest assured that plumbing leaks won’t wreak havoc on your home.

How They Save You Money

By preventing water damage to your home, leak defense systems can save you huge amounts of money on leak-related repairs and utilities. Undetected household leaks are common culprits for high water bills. They can also lead to expensive and potentially hazardous damages such as mold and rot. Bigger plumbing issues like burst pipes, flooded basements, or leaky water heaters can be extremely expensive if not detected and fixed right away. Additionally, you may earn insurance discounts by having one of these devices installed.leak defense system

How to Get One Installed

Professional installation is required when it comes to installing any whole-house water leak detection system. At Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company, we are dedicated to protecting your home and your family. Our expert plumbers will make sure your leak defense system is perfectly installed, and—in the event of an alert—we will resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Have any questions about leak defense systems? Ready to get started? Contact us! Call our office at (314) 501-9950 or email info@tonylamartinaplumbing.com. For more information on detecting and fixing common household leaks, check out EPA WaterSense and the Alliance for Water Efficiency.