Fix a Leak Week

Fix a Leak Week is March 16–22, just in time for spring cleaning. American household leaks cause 1 trillion gallons of waste annually, according to the EPA. If you read our last post on World Plumbing Day, you already know that water conservation is a huge global concern. The good news? Your family could help save 10,000 gallons of water each year by simply fixing water leaks around the home! So put this chore at the top of your to-do list.

annual household leak waste graphic

Dangers of Letting Leaks Go Unfixed

Household leaks not only waste water and damage the environment, but they can also do serious damage to your home. If left unfixed, leaks can easily spiral out of control. They can ruin plaster, drywall, and all kinds of wall finishes including wallpaper and paint. They can lead to illness-causing mold problems as well as serious rot problems, which will compromise the sturdiness of your house. Additionally, moist wood invites carpenter ants, termites, and rodents into the home. For the sake of your family’s health and safety (and for the sake of your wallet), we encourage you to fix household leaks right away.

How to Find and Fix Leaks

A leaky faucet is not the only type of household water leak. When checking for leaks, you should also be on the lookout for leaky toilets, showerheads, humidifiers, outdoor irrigation systems, pools, fountains, and water supply lines. Start by checking your water meter before and after a 2-hour period of no water use. Did the meter change? If so, you’ve got a leak. Check out EPA WaterSense and the Alliance for Water Efficiency for detailed information on detecting and fixing common leaks. Repairs may be as simple as tightening a pipe connection or replacing an old toilet flapper, or you may need to replace whole fixtures.

Tips for Saving Water

Beyond fixing leaks, there are many more things you can do to conserve water on a daily basis. If you’re interested in learning more, the Alliance for Water Efficiency has some great tips for household water conservation.

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