Water Security System Q&A with Matt LaMartina

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A single plumbing event such as a burst pipe or broken toilet can wreak havoc on your home, resulting in thousands of dollars of water damage. It can also lead to problems like mold and termites. As a homeowner, your best defense against hazardous and costly water damage is a professionally-installed water security system. In this post, General Manager Matt LaMartina answers five common questions about this simple, effective technology.

Q: What is a water security system?

A: A water security system is an integral part of a home’s plumbing system designed to monitor and control water inside your home. We’re getting closer to reaching a “tipping point” in terms of using technology inside one’s home to make your home “smarter”. For example, many homes make use of NEST for controlling and monitoring their HVAC system or use their smartphones to control their home alarm system remotely. We’ve even had some customers use their smartphones to open their garage door as soon as our plumber arrives at their home.

When we started to research water security systems, we came across some interesting information. Did you know that your home is six times more likely to suffer from water damage than a burglary? And seven times more likely than suffering damage from a fire?

Water damage is the number one cause of homeowners insurance claims. Yet few homeowners are aware of the technology available to protect their homes from water damage.

Q: Who should have a water security system installed?

A: Anyone concerned about water damage to their home. I can think of one customer who left their home to go out to dinner, and when they came home they found their master bathroom toilet is broken, which flooded their bathroom, causing over $30,000 of damage.

Anyone seeking to conserve water. We get calls all the time from homeowners telling us about abnormally high water bills. Some of these water security systems will automatically shut off the water to the home as soon as abnormal water usage is detected. Some water security systems even let you monitor your water usage in real-time so you know exactly how much water is being used and where it’s being used.

And let’s not forget the important role a water security system can play with respect to making homes safer for older adults living alone. Consider the fact that many homes today are not equipped with the proper supports (ex. Grab Bars in your bathroom) which means the risk of an older adult falling and suffering a life-threatening injury is significantly higher. In the case of an older adult falling while getting into the shower, a flow volume / time-based water security system (more on that below) will automatically shut off the water to the home as soon as either a flow constraint or a time constraint is reached. These constraints are calibrated by one of our expert plumbers.

Q: Can a water security system be integrated with your home alarm system?

A: Absolutely. Your home alarm system company can integrate the systems so that when you leave your home and “arm” your alarm system, a signal is automatically sent to your water security system letting it know you’re away from the house—in which case water flow volume will be measured at a much lower rate of flow than if you were at home. Integration can be tricky, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve spoken with your alarm company. We’ll want to have an alarm technician scheduled to be onsite during the installation of your water security system.

Q: How much does a water security system cost?

A: It depends on the diameter of the main water line coming into your home. Some systems cost as little as $2,500 installed. Some insurance companies will help cover the cost of installation, especially if you’ve already had a water damage claim. And even if you haven’t had a water damage claim, most insurance companies like Chubbs, Fireman’s Fund, Nationwide, AIG, and PURE offer annual premium discounts up to 10% if installed by a licensed plumber.

Q: Are there different types of systems available?

A: There are two basic types of water security systems: flow volume systems and sensor-based systems. Both types require a special valve to be installed on the main water line inside your home. We will help you determine which system is right for you.

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