How to Get Rid of Sewer Gas Smells

sewer gas smells

Are you experiencing sewer gas smells inside your home? Here are some useful tips that will help you get rid of those funky sewer gas odors coming in from your bathroom, kitchen, or basement drains.

Tips to Eliminate Sewer Gas Smells

First, identify what’s causing the sewer gas smells to enter your home. Click here for info on potential causes. Then, try the following tips to help eliminate them.

  • Make sure all plumbing fixtures are installed correctly with the proper P-traps and vents. Also, check your drain traps to make sure they hold enough water. Call a professional plumber to ensure proper fixture installation.
  • Pour a gallon of hot, boiling water down any drains that are rarely used, such as the basement drain or guest bathroom shower. This should help eliminate odors caused by dry traps.
  • If the smell is coming from the bathroom sink, try pouring a strong cleaner down the sink’s overflow hole to remove any odor-causing debris. Be careful of what cleaners you use, you don’t want to risk damaging the finish of your sink or drain assembly.
  • Carefully re-install the wax rings around your toilet(s), which may have become old or worn, allowing sewer gasses to seep through.
  • Call a professional plumber to disconnect the vent pipes inside your home and clean your vents all the way through the roof. This will remove any clogs and ensure that sewer gases are able to exit your home.
  • Have a professional plumber inspect for and replace any cracked vent stacks or sewer lateral pipes with new PVC piping.

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