Universal Design Features for a Safer Home

universal design bathroom

Did you know that many homes today are not safe for the whole family? Does your home have special features fit for aging adults, young children, or anyone with physical limitations? Keep reading to learn how Universal Design features can help you create a safer living environment for your entire family.

What Is Universal Design?

Universal Design means creating spaces that are easy for everyone to use—regardless of age, size, or ability. Homes retrofitted with the Universal Design (UD) model in mind are far more accommodating to the needs of older adults with limited mobility, strength, and balance. Universal Design features help ensure that everything in your home is accessible to all family members, with or without functional limitations. For example, you can significantly reduce the risk of life-threatening falls by retrofitting your bathroom with grab bars and other specialized plumbing fixtures.

Universal Design Features and Options

In addition, to grab bars, there are many universal design features available to help increase home safety for the entire family—including grandparents, young children, and those with physical handicaps. Here are several options that can help you create a safer home:

  • Grab bars in the tub and shower
  • Curbless shower or walk-in shower
  • Adjustable height, hand-held shower hose
  • Comfort height toilet
  • Single-lever faucet handles in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Pressure-balanced faucets to prevent scalding
  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • D-shaped handles on kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Lever-style door handles throughout the home
  • Nightlights installed in hallways and bathrooms
  • Low, easy-to-reach storage spaces and workspaces
  • Bathroom located on the main floor

Aging in Place

One of the great benefits of Universal Design is that it makes aging in place possible for older adults who wish to stay in their current homes as long as possible. Click here for more info on aging in place, including helpful tips on how to update your bathroom with Universal Design features. 

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