Avoid Student Loans and Earn More Money as a Plumber

doctor and plumber attire

Currently, in the United States, we have both a student debt crisis and a deficit of well-skilled workers in the trades. Are you searching for ways to avoid student loans and earn more money straight out of school? Consider a plumbing career. Compared to doctors and other college-educated professionals, plumbers invest a relatively small amount of time and money on their education and training, and their investment pays off quickly.

With the current high demand and great starting pay, now is an excellent time to become a plumber. You won’t struggle to find a job, you won’t be saddled with student debt, and you’ll start earning a good salary right away.

Wait, Don’t You Need a 4-Year Degree to Be Successful?

These days most people assume that they need to earn a Bachelor’s degree (or beyond) in order to have a successful career. However, many young people graduate from 4-year universities with limited job prospects and huge amounts of student loan debt (the average is around $35,000-40,000). On the other hand, students who complete a technical education program finish school in just 1-2 years; they come out with little or no student debt and start off making $30,000-60,000 per year.

What Does It Cost to Become a Plumber?

The process of qualifying for an entry-level plumber job is much faster and cheaper than earning a 4-year degree. The plumbing technology program at Ranken Technical College in St. Louis, for example, takes only 9 months to complete and costs approximately $15,000. Financial aid and student loans are available. There’s no such thing as an “unpaid internship” in the trades. After completing a high-quality plumbing program, you will be qualified to begin a paid plumbing apprenticeship.

How Much Do Plumbers Make?

At Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company, Apprentice Plumbers start off at $15 per hour and gradually move up to almost $34 per hour. Journeyman Plumbers at TLPC make over $38.50 per hour. Master Plumbers can earn up to $100,000 per year or more.

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