Hot Water Circulating Pump Installation


Hot Water Circulating Pump Installation in St. Louis

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We're all familiar with the blast of cold water when you first turn on the hot water tap, and how long it can take for the water to heat up. Even more than the inconvenience of having to wait, the real tragedy is all of that wasted water that you're still paying for. Hot water recirculating systems eliminate this problem, providing hot water in a matter of seconds!

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How Do Hot Water Recirculating Pumps Work?

Hot water recirculating pumps work by recycling the cold water sitting in your pipes. Instead of that water running down the drain when you turn on the tap, the recirculation line will send that water back to your water heater while simultaneously pumping hot water from your water heater. The hot water only runs in one direction thanks to a check valve. To ensure that excess energy is not wasted, an aquastat is added to the hot water pipe that will shut off the pump as soon as it detects hot water returning to the water heater. Timers further improve energy efficiency by ensuring the pump does not run during periods where you won't need hot water, such as when you are at work or overnight when you are asleep.

Thus, hot water circulators provide following benefits:

  • Instant hot water
  • No water waste
  • Energy efficient performance

Do Hot Water Recirculating Pumps Save Money?

Yes, they do! Because you're virtually eliminating water waste due to delays in hot water reaching your tap, that translates to savings on your water bill. With the cost of water rising all the time, this is an attractive benefit. However, there is still an upfront cost to consider. Keep in mind that it may take a few years for the system to pay for itself.

Are Hot Water Circulating Pumps Really Worth it?

Hot water circulators are a worthwhile investment in your comfort and the overall value of your home. These devices are especially helpful for bathrooms or kitchens that are located furthest away from your water heater. Rather than waste several minutes worth of precious water every time you need to wash dishes or take a shower, a recirculating pump can provide you with the hot water you need in seconds instead of minutes.

Have questions? Ready to get started? Call our office at (314) 501-9950 to schedule your hot water circulating pump installation in St. Louis.

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