Amel R.

Amel R. - Licensed Plumber.

Amel R.

Licensed Plumber

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Amel was born in Berlin, Germany, and is a Bosnian-American. Although Amel was raised in St. Louis, he spent his teenage years in Southern California. Prior to becoming a plumber he worked in the food industry as a chef. In 2019, with inspiration from his father who worked in the construction industry his entire life, Amel decided to become a plumber. In his free time, he enjoys training in mixed martial arts and spending time outdoors biking, fishing, camping, and hiking. His favorite sport is soccer and is excited for St. Louis to have their own MLS soccer team. He's looking forward to going to an STL City SC soccer game at the new stadium with his friends and family and loves spending time with them whenever he can.

“Mark W., Amel and Caleb were timely, friendly and very knowledgeble. We had a very crazy problem and after analizing it they got to work. Mark was the leader and constructed the plan. Amel was awesome in working with Mark and Caleb and he too is very smart…(and he can shine copper too!) I could tell Caleb was trying to anticipate what tools were going to be needed so he could have things ready when needed. They worked as a good team and pleasant to be around. It will be very cold this weekend and I am confident that we will not have anymore problems. However, if we do, I know I can call La Martina Plumbing and they will be right out.”
- Phil P.