Peter K.

Peter K. - Licensed Plumber.

Peter K.

Licensed Plumber

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Pete is a graduate of Ranken Technical College with a degree in Plumbing Theory. Pete comes from a long line of skilled tradesman. Pete enjoys being a plumber because it gives him the opportunity to learn something new every day. He loves taking on a challenging job and the feeling of accomplishment at the end when he’s able to solve the problem for his customer. When he’s not plumbing, you’ll find Pete camping by the lake, fishing, or riding his dirt bike at the track.

“Peter was personable and efficient. He explained his process to evaluate issues and kept me informed during the process with his results. He fixed my toilet 🤗 Tony LaMartina plumbing is excellent and we always use them and have never been disappointed”
- Pamela M.
“Peter was able to identify the source of noise coming from our bathroom faucet as well improve some water pressure related issues at our house. We had other plumbers focus solely on water pressure causing the issues with no resolution to the issue, but Peter was also able to identify the faucet stems needing replacement and this in combination with adjusting the water pressure fixed our noisy plumbing issues. I highly recommend Peter.”
- Luke H.
Pete really went above and beyond my expectations. He efficiently installed a basement sink and faucet, hauled the old items away, and graciously fixed an additional faucet while there. I always receive cheerful and consistently excellent service from this company.
- Suzy B.