“Mike came with an apprentice and fixed the leaky toilette and replaced the shut off valve. He was pleasant and professional and went above and beyond by setting up fans to dry the wood because apparently it had been leaking for a while (in the basement) and he didn't want it to get moldy. The next day I saw what looked like a a water stain again on the basement floor and I thought it was leaking again. They sent Jason out right away, like within an hour. Well, it turned out it was some weird stain that kind of comes and goes on my basement floor, but I was panicked. He spent at least an hour testing every possible thing it could be – but the spot was dry. He had me put down paper towels when he left to keep an eye on it, but nothing ever came of it. I've actually been meaning to call and thank them again, I think maybe I owe them for a second service call, but I wasn't charged. They are definitely my plumbers for life. Thank you Tony LaMartina! If you bill me I will pay!”

– Penelope A.