“Mike came with an apprentice and fixed the leaky toilette and replaced the shut off valve. He was pleasant and professional and went above and beyond by setting up fans to dry the wood because apparently it had been leaking for a while (in the basement) and he didn't want it to get moldy. The next day I saw what looked like a a water stain again on the basement floor and I thought it was leaking again. They sent Jason out right away, like within an hour. Well, it turned out it was some weird stain that kind of comes and goes on my basement floor, but I was panicked. He spent at least an hour testing every possible thing it could be – but the spot was dry. He had me put down paper towels when he left to keep an eye on it, but nothing ever came of it. I've actually been meaning to call and thank them again, I think maybe I owe them for a second service call, but I wasn't charged. They are definitely my plumbers for life. Thank you Tony LaMartina! If you bill me I will pay!”
- Penelope A.

“Courtney was extremely customer centric, thoroughly and thoughtfully explaining the best course of action for a variety of plumbing issues we were experiencing. He is truly a professional and it was a privilege to work with him throughout this process. What a shining example and fine representative for Tony LaMartina & Company! Thank you for the excellent experience!”

- Vincent L.

“Courtney is a quintessential professional in every sense of the word. From his initial contact to introduce himself to his respectful demeanor and thoughtful explanation throughout the repairs of my plumbing issue which was a running toilet. Although my repair needs a follow up visit, I am confident with Courtney's expertise, it will be resolved successfully.”

- Joan B.

“I phoned your company earlier today (4/11/24) around 12:45pm and was told I will receive a call back. Around 1pm I received a callback from Matt LaMartina, I explained my situation, which he responded with someone will contact me. At 2:22pm I received a call from Rachel with her saying she will send someone out shortly. I’m not sure of the exact time ( I say around 3:40pm) Peter arrived, he was very courteous and seemed to be thoroughly listening to me. He examined the situation then explained what he would be doing to correct the problem, provided me with the price,I agreed and he proceeded with the job at hand and was finished within thirty minutes. This was the problem. I had a copper pipe slowly dripping water in my bathroom, I sealed it as well as I could, it continued to drip. Peter got to the source of the problem and sealed the pipe completely, although it wasn’t a major problem, thank God, I appreciate the service I received. May God bless your company / (employees) with continued success. Thanks”

- Veranda D.

“We had a problem with our trim in our shower and then a leaking cartridge. Brad kept coming back until the issue was solved and then fixed. He was very nice and respectful.”

- Stephanie S.

“We had a problem with our trim in our shower and then a leaking cartridge. Brad kept coming back until the issue was solved and then fixed. He was very nice and respectful.”

- Stephanie S.

“The project that your company did for us was inspected 3/7. Of course it passed. The inspector commented on how nice it looked. My wife and I are extremely pleased with yet another Tony LaMartina job on our 97 year old home. We want to especially thank Peter, Michael, Caleb, Mark and Brad for their professionalism and working with our schedule. Your company is still our plumbing company of choice. We are also happy to pass on your name to friends and neighbors with plumbing needs. Keep up the good work.
Thank you
Alan and Terri B.”

- Alan B.

“I returned home to no running water in any faucets in the whole house. Brad L. came out during a very busy time (deep freeze) to help trouble shoot. He meticulously went through all plumbing systems to be sure they were working properly and to rule things out. He found the problem (main line frozen) He also helped to educate me on preventative measures to take in the future. Highly recommend Brad L. , and this company!”

- Cara P.

“Mark W., Amel and Caleb were timely, friendly and very knowledgeble. We had a very crazy problem and after analizing it they got to work. Mark was the leader and constructed the plan. Amel was awesome in working with Mark and Caleb and he too is very smart…(and he can shine copper too!) I could tell Caleb was trying to anticipate what tools were going to be needed so he could have things ready when needed. They worked as a good team and pleasant to be around. It will be very cold this weekend and I am confident that we will not have anymore problems. However, if we do, I know I can call La Martina Plumbing and they will be right out.”

- Phil P.

“Peter was personable and efficient. He explained his process to evaluate issues and kept me informed during the process with his results. He fixed my toilet 🤗 Tony LaMartina plumbing is excellent and we always use them and have never been disappointed”

- Pamela M.

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